Melbourne’s Cheapest Pre-Paid Cremations

Relieve The Stress Of Those Closest To You.

A funeral affects a family both emotionally and financially. We can advise you on protecting your loved ones from unexpected funeral service costs.

We Offer Pre-Paid/Arranged Funerals

By pre-paying or pre-arranging a funeral, you are ensuring that yours or your loved ones wishes are being upheld and the stress and anxiety often caused to family members is left behind or alleviated.

This allows you to organize all the details to your requirements and also ensures a fixed price guarantee.

Your money is safe

Families First utilizes the affordable services of Foresters Friendly Society, which holds your funds in a specific trust which are released only when required, ensuring your money remains safe and secure. The flexibility of a payment option also makes this service more appealing to many Melbourne clients.

Low Cost Funerals

Why Would You Pre-Plan?

Primarily, pre-arranged funerals don’t come with the heavy price tag. Funeral costs can be extremely stressful, and leaving for you family to deal with can place a burden on you, too. With our services, you’re able to access a secure system that allows you to place reserved funds for a beautiful ceremony for yourself in the future.

Anyone can take out one of these low cost plans, no matter their age or current health circumstances.

Benefits include-

  • Relieving stress on your family;
  • Eliminating financial burden;
  • Fix a funeral at a price that is current as of today;
  • Peace of mind for both you and your family.

Please note that an administration fee of $210 is charged for this service.

Contact us on 0411 160 299 for further information about this option for a low cost, pre-paid funeral in Melbourne. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions.

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